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What are the available halls in Sharjah Libraries?

Sharjah Libraries has 6 branches. The main branch has the following halls:

Ground Floor:

  • Main reception.
  • Periodicals hall.
  • Children hall.
  • Seminar and Conference rooms.
  • Special-needs hall.

First Floor:

  • Arabic books collection classified using Dewey decimal system.
  • Young Adults hall for ages from 12 to 18 years old, filled with books that is suitable for their age and equipped with the latest technologies (PCs, 3D printer and scanner).

Second Floor:

  • English books hall classified in Dewey decimal system.
  • Emirates books hall filled with books about the UAE and books by Emirati writers and publishers.
  • GCC books hall filled with books about GCC countries and books by writers and publishers from GCC countries.
  • References hall.
  • Other languages hall.
  • Theses hall.


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