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Smart Membership

[Smart Membership] was designed to improve the individuals’ experience and provide access to e-resources in Sharjah public libraries. This membership aims to provide knowledge materials and information sources, including recreation and leisure services in the easiest ways and with the least efforts.

This membership enables electronic circulation only, and access to all electronic sources. It specifically allows access to Kanopy; an on-demand streaming video platform which allows access to over 30,000 Documentaries, Classic and Indie Films. On Desktop and other smart devices. In addition to the LinkedIn Learning; an expert-led online video tutorials accessed anytime, anywhere.

This category cannot borrow physical items available at Sharjah Public Libraries.





Research Support Tax

Loan Quota

Loan Period

Smart Membership

Virtual Membership

25 AED


0 Physical items

0 days

Premium Membership

General membership conditions apply according to sub-categories. Smart membership fees are added to insurance and research support tax.

* Fee is paid annually, and is not refundable at cancellation.




Loan Quota 

Loan Period


5 items

14 days

Audio Books

5 items

7 days

Videos (Databases)

5 items

5 days

Kanopy Documentaries and Movies: 

10 items monthly

♦ Unlimited Access to LinkedIn Learning.


Subscription Method

♦ In Person: Visit one of Sharjah Public Libraries Branches.

♦ Online: Access Sharjah Public Libraries Website.


Registration Requirements

Below are the main requirements for registering a membership in Sharjah Public Libraries:

4 x 6 cm photo.

A copy of Emirates ID card as its number is considered users’ membership number.


♦ Applicant will not require a physical card.



♦ Membership cancellation must be requested at least a month in advance via:

1. Phone call.

2. Leave a voice message.

3. Cancellation request via e-mail.

4. Cancellation request via website account.


Smart Membership Benefits

♦ Electronic circulation and loan of books, references, periodicals, scientific theses, articles, research, CDs and other resources, sources and paper available as electronic collections.

♦ Make use of audio-visual services.

♦ Explore search services in the Library Catalog.

♦ Explore E- sources and navigate through a plethora of databases.

♦ Exclusive databases access.

♦ Special rates on workshops and training programmes.

♦ A special discount of 20% on the purchases from publishing houses participating in the Sharjah International Book Fair.


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