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How can I search for a title or use the new features in the website?

To search for a title simply type a keyword in the search box, a list of recommended titles will appear you can either choose a title or click “Search”.   You can also choose “Advanced Search” to narrow down your search by a certain word in title or specific publisher:   You can adjust the way the result is shown using the icons on the top right corner, you can also narrow down the result using the filter to the left of the page.   You can easily reach the electronic services using the icons on the main page to renew your borrowing, pay fees, recommend titles and so on:   In the book detail page, you can do the following: Print book information Add it to your favorites or add the subject to your favorites (by clicking the heart next to it) Copy citation Hold the book Share through social media Add review or give it a number of stars Check availability and in which branch Check similar titles (virtual shelf) Check books from same author    

How to register?

  You can register by following the steps: Go to catalog.shjlib.gov.ae Click on "login" and then "create account". Fill in the required information and click "crate new account" You will receive an email, open it and click on the activation link. The link will take you to login page, type your email and password to login. From the side menu click my account then click "upgrade account" Browse through the available membership types and choose one then click "upgrade" Read the rules and regulation, check the "Agree" box then click "next". Fill in the required information then click "Submit". The library's staff will review your request and you will receive an email with approval or rejection. When you receive the approval email, you can go to your account and choose "Bills" from the side menu. Check the box of the amount you wish to pay the click "Proceed to Pay". You will be transferred to the online payment page where you can choose the method and fill the required information. Once the payment is successfully completed you can go back to your account and notice that the status of your account is now "OK".

Circulation Guidelines

Sharjah Public Libraries offers a plethora of services to individuals and groups free of charge, according to conditions specified below, unless mentioned otherwise. ♦ The benefit of the external loan service is subject to pre-subscription and obtaining the membership card. ♦ Site access, and internal circulation of information sources is available to all types of membership without the need to obtain the membership of Sharjah Public Libraries. ♦ The member is obliged to return the borrowed materials in its original condition when borrowed, at the end of the loan period, otherwise the member will be subject to delay fines. ♦ Attempt to leave the library with unchecked-out material leads to subject individual to consequences under fines policy.   Internal Circulation ♦ The beneficiary can view all available resources on site, after viewing material shall be left on reading tables without attempting to return them to shelves. ♦ The beneficiary can view all available e-resources in the library, either internally or through the website. ♦ It is permitted to borrow all available information resources according to conditions established in this policy, unless exceptions are mentioned. ♦ Some material might be temporarily unavailable for lending: Material are reserved for training or research purposed by administration. Damaged material until they are restored. ♦ The member is responsible for every loan made under his membership, and has an obligation to cover all costs incurred for any violation as a result of misuse, loss, damage or copyright infringement.   Exclusion from Circulation All materials may be borrowed externally unless otherwise necessary: ♦ References, including: encyclopaedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, indexes, abstracts and reviews, translation dictionaries and their indexes, atlases, government publications, periodicals, newspapers. ♦ Rare Books ♦ Audiovisual Materials ♦ Others, as decided internally. References and periodicals are excluded, however it is possible in some cases to permit a loan for a full day period.   Renewals and Reservation ♦ Loan period and quota is determined according to membership categories and sub-categories. ♦ Renewals may be made twice consecutively via: 1. Phone call. 2. Leave a voice message. 3. Renewal request via e-mail. 4. Renewal request via website account. ♦ The Library can recall loaned materials for any compelling reason despite renewal requests. ♦ Members can reserve materials, provided that reservation period doesn’t exceed two days.   Returns ♦ Return checked out materials to any branch or book drop on or before the due date. ♦ Sharjah Public Library- main branch, have placed a self-return drive-thru for 24/7 returns, 7 days a week.  

What happens if I lose a book or damage it?

In case of lost books, the patron must provide to the library an exact copy of the lost book, if its not available in the market the patron must pay triple the price of the book.  In case of damage, a librarian will assess the amount of damage and determine the price the patron needs to pay to fix it. In case it can't be fixed the patron must provide to the library an exact copy of the damaged book, if its not available in the market the patron must pay triple the price of the book. 

What are the available halls in Sharjah Libraries?

Sharjah Libraries has 6 branches. The main branch has the following halls: Ground Floor: Main reception. Periodicals hall. Children hall. Seminar and Conference rooms. Special-needs hall. First Floor: Arabic books collection classified using Dewey decimal system. Young Adults hall for ages from 12 to 18 years old, filled with books that is suitable for their age and equipped with the latest technologies (PCs, 3D printer and scanner). Second Floor: English books hall classified in Dewey decimal system. Emirates books hall filled with books about the UAE and books by Emirati writers and publishers. GCC books hall filled with books about GCC countries and books by writers and publishers from GCC countries. References hall. Other languages hall. Theses hall.  

What are the available halls in Sharjah Libraries?

Sharjah Libraries has 6 branches. The main branch has the following halls: Ground Floor: Main reception Periodicals  Children Seminar and Conference room Special-needs First Floor: Arabic books collection classified using Dewey decimal system Young Adults hall Second Floor:  

Can I borrow from a branch and return in another?

Yes, members can request to borrow from a certain branch, and then return the borrowed items in another branch. 

Can my child borrow from the library?

Children are entitled to be a member in Sharjah Libraries from the age of 0 to 12 years, under the supervision of one of his parents.  The child membership cost AED 50 + 10 research support fees. He is entitled to borrow books only available in the children's hall.   When the child reaches 12 years old his account automatically  upgrade to Young Adult. Children can also borrow e-books and audio from Overdrive App by downloading the app then choosing Sharjah Library and entering membership number.

Can I bring my own kids to the library?

Sharjah Libraries has a children hall full of books in all subjects (English and Arabic) and equipped with state-of the -art technologies. Children between the age of 0 -12 years can use this hall and they are not allowed to roam around the other halls in order to keep the halls quiet and calm for the researchers. Children between 0 - 6 years should not be left alone in the hall and should be accompanied by an adult. 

Does the library offers its services to certain group of people?

Sharjah Public Libraries welcomes all people from all nationalities and all ages.